In a world where everything is mass produced and discarded in no time at all in favour of the next new thing, Silver Springs Jewellery Collections is a champion of the hand made where time, care and attention are highly valued.   


SSJC is a small-scale, online concern offering innovative, one of a kind handcrafted jewellery items which form part of cohesive collections to enhance outfits though we also offer ready to wear items on this site.


The collections are specially designed with colours and textures that will complement a range of different clothes, skin and hair tones and use predominantly natural materials which have been responsibly sourced. 


Current collections use sterling silver, gold fill and non-tarnish copper with either crystals, gemstones, ceramic or glass beads.  Materials such as freshwater pearls, coral and plastic are deliberately eschewed because of their harmful impact on the flora and fauna of the natural world.  


Our collections include a number of wire woven designs.  These are intricate, requiring labour intensive methods to produce them and most have been specially designed by Yosephina Paz.

Due to the handcrafted nature of our items, each piece may be ever so slightly different - that, in fact is the beauty of the handmade - it really will be one of a kind!   The pieces created here have a 'personality' all of their own and being handmade from scratch there are always some slight imperfections but what you as a customer receives is a truly unique piece of jewellery.  What Silver Springs Jewellery Collections offers you is the personal touch, a coordinated approach to jewellery and a uniqueness that celebrates individuality;  those are rare qualities in today's world.

Here at SSJC, we believe that the greatest gift that you can give anyone is your time.